Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why must we gaze at the same deceiving option
over and over again? As for me,
I long for the subtle silence of waterfalls
Sun inspired, sun perspired
Living the hazards of mortality is an impossible adventure
if you do not let go of the lies you are told since you are born
Misleading concepts of perfection
Get rid of them while you can
We watch worldwide massive architectured destruction
of lives and dreams
while the numbed watch goes counter-clock-wise
Ignorance perpetrates hatred
Perpetration of hatred is based on
a very carefully elaborate system of blindfolding
Western civilization is blinded by
the shadows of their own unconscious
death principle
We desperately need to
REDEFINE the fittest
in the survival of the fittest.
See, desire follows a path
that has to be clear of any layered
past wounds that get stuck, preventing it from
following its course
Beware of these unwanted layers
Desire is the ultimate mechanism for action and inaction
There are times when desire has to be kept in stock,
but never stuck.
The confusion between these two can be soul lethal
The thing about expectations is that
you will never be able to get what you want
in the exact proportion of your selfish ego needs
Do you think you can feed me with your dreams?
Well, you can´t.
The reason?
I don’t have to choose between your dreams and my dreams.
You have your own. And I have mine.

possibly meet
(Blue Crystal Eagle)

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