Thursday, September 6, 2007

Por el suelo

The colors are magnificent. The endless palette, the shades and portals of the Otherworld… There is a circle, made up of six roman columns, where the retreat is. It is so peaceful and quiet. I want to be bathed in colors and swallow the golden thread of light to quench my thirst and release all the pain. Who are these beings that come to my aid, so unexpectedly?
There is no need for words in the Otherworld. This proves words have always been made up as a human attempt to fill the void, the lack of a more efficient, yet impossible, reunion of heart and soul. Things are changing, I heard. The changes are invisible to our own blind rational eyes…That is why we are called to make wise choices…

When I fight against the feeling I have for you, scattered old wounds revolve around the fire of ancient long lost love. Having found the origin of my sorrows, why do I still secretly wish you stopped loving me. I made an oath. I swore not to leave you. Now, these beings keep reminding me of that. When I sing, my soul leaves this body and goes wandering, looking for the place where I made that promise. And I can perfectly recall the words...When the Source created us, we were assigned a mission to spread love throughout humankind, Death will never tear us apart. Our souls will always be rising and rising… against all the obstacles. Together we will always be. The bond was tied, then. Indissoluble, enduring, and eternal, as life is. How far-reaching can this be? If I can just set the fears aside…old memories of loss and defeat…The crosses over our beds, and the weeping, the parting, the kings and conspiracy. We have abided all that, it´s all behind us now, like a sad fairy tale. We can make it new. Let us not perish now. Let us mimic sunflowers, instead.

(Blue Crystal Eagle)

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